Parque Cristonautas

August 01 to 06 Lisbon 2023

Join us at World Youth Day for an awe-inspiring experience like no other!


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Wherever you're at in life

Whether you’re a lifelong believer, seeking spiritual enlightenment, or simply curious about the life of Jesus, this event is for you. Come together with young people from all walks of life and experience the transformative power of the Gospel as it sparks conversations, ignites hearts, and inspires a deep sense of hope and purpose.

Connect with others

Make new friends, share stories, and connect with fellow participants who, like you, are on a journey of faith and discovery. World Youth Day is an opportunity to form lasting bonds and find strength in a supportive community of young believers.

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Our partners

Agapè Portugal


Shine ministries

Digital Journeys

Go on a journey with Mary, hear Jesus speak about prayer. Ask big questions through our NUA series. Click below to go on a journey.

Mary went with haste

The theme of this year’s World Youth Day, join in the journey through this interactive digital adventure. 

Nua: Is God good?

NUA is a fresh perspective on faith, exploring doubts and asking big questions. 

How should we pray?

Through the words of Jesus Christ we learn more about prayer.